Adapt your beauty routine to the season

25 avril 2018,

From fleece jumpers to slight blouses ! 

When heat comes back, we tend to forget winter's protective creams, we put on too much make up and we adopt slighter textures !

In the morning, choose the face cream to rehydrate and protect the skin without leaving a greasy finish, for its mat effect and its slight fragrance. 
In the evening, let your skin breathe and try the serum alone, without adding a second layer, the skin will benefit as well from its regenerating effects during the night.

And we don't forget to put on sun cream if we want to expose our skin to the sun.

We run less after the bus and we adapt our diet !

No more excuses when the weather is appropriate : we stay positive and we'd rather walk more and breath better than take overcrowded transports ! 

We eat lighter : poke bowls are very trendy healthy food and represent perfect solutions for fresh and delicious meals : a complet meal in a bowl ! We drink a lot of water to rehydrate.

Exercice and healthy food are as good for your mood as your body !

Spring cleaning !

As we finally open our windows to ventilate our confined interiors during winter, we also oxygenate our skin by taking the time once a week to do a face and body scrub to free the skin from impurities !

Then we apply generous quantities of the revitalizing face mask to wake and light up our skin tone !

And each night we remove perfectly make up from our skin !

Spring is given to us to prepare a beautiful summer !


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